Social Service Clubs

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

     While our core focus is on serving our Customers, at Pramura we also make sure that we give back to the community and the city of Coimbatore which has nurtured our growth over the last two decades.

     We have vibrant Social Service Club, which has under our very own "Make every Town Clean & Green" campaign, engaged with many local schools over the last two years. The Club has undertaken extensive planting of trees in these schools. In every school, many students are nominated to look after these trees. As an incentive to students, Pramura pays the school fees for each of the youngsters involved. Many students have benefited in this manner. We have also undertaken campaigns to remove plastic litter from school campuses, thus helping to make the environment a cleaner and greener.

Pramura undertakes many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Some of the past undertaken projects are:

  • Maintenance of city office for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for one year.
  • Providing water for animals with the help of Forest department during dry summer months.
  • Cleaning of areas of public interest such as kovai kutralam to eliminate plastic waste, by creating awareness on plastic and organic post processing.
  • Planting of trees & cleaning plastic wastes in the areas around schools.

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