At Pramura, we place great emphasis on employee retention and offer our staff excellent, industry-standard compensation and benefits, a work environment that recognizes and rewards performance and, provides a defined career path for our top talent.

     Our most senior people with 5+ years experience at Pramura are appointed as Pramura Professional Engineers (PPEs).

     Customer Focus is an important virtue that runs across the organization and acts as a focal point to individually and collectively unite the work that we do.

     The excellence of our employee practices is reflected in the high rate of staff retention – more than 60% of our staff have been with the company more than 3 years; 12% of staff are Pramura ‘lifers’ having been with the company for more than 10 years and have served as the bedrock for our growth over the years.

     We also provide an inclusive environment where individual differences are respected and celebrated and where employees can develop and grow personally and professionally.

     For the benefit of our women employees, who comprise 45% of our workforce, we have policies aimed at ensuring they are provided the support needed to view Pramura as a long-term career option.

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