Product Development Services


     SmartDesigner is a Standalone, Premium PCB Design Software developed ground up with Pramura‚Äôs 24 years of expertise in PCB Design Services. The software efficiently handles all the aspects of commercial 2D PCB designs with ease. Wizard based Component Creation for different types of Packages make design process quick and simple. Companies can create their own PCB Design Department with SmartDesigner License which is available at a very reasonable cost as low as 400 USD. We offer Unlimited Design Capability along with dedicated Net planning modes, at just a fraction of a cost of what it would take to buy a high end product.

     We provide a Professional PCB Design Software product developed in-house that is more Reliable, Affordable and Easy to use.

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Sales Assist

     Sales Assist is a highly customizable and easy-to-use sales tool developed in-house at Pramura for Sales and Marketing professionals. It provides an easy and efficient way to showcase their products with multi-dimensional views and details of the product. It has the ability to display information on stock, discounts, warranty, etc., as well as assisting the executives in entering product customization details.

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