Custom projects for software development

     We offer unique and high performance web applications using technologies like C#.Net, JSP and HTML and windows applications like VC++ and VB. We develop web applications that can be accessed across different operating systems and different browsers without difficulty. Our user friendly web applications can be easily understood and followed by the others.

Software Development-Products


     SmartDesigner is an innovative product wholly developed by the Pramura's in-house product development team and highlights the company's focus on leading the industry. The Software Product automates every operation related to PCB design and routing, thereby ensuring a drastic reduction in time taken to design. It offers a Multiple Document Interface and can handle multiple files simultaneously. demo


Sales Assist

     Sales Assist is a highly customizable and easy-to-use sales tool developed in-house at Pramura for Sales and Marketing professionals. It provides an easy and efficient way to showcase their products with multi-dimensional views and details of the product. It has the ability to display information on stock, discounts, warranty, etc., as well as assisting the executives in entering product customization details. demo