1. Two decades of Electronic and Mechanical Design Experience

     As the electronics industry has evolved, our rich experience in the business has ensured that we have been at the forefront of Industry developments, helping us to build our technical competence, and delivering immense benefit to clients. Today, our deep-domain expertise enables us to handle multi layer board design of up to 50 layers.


2. Proven offshore delivery for global customers

     We have fine tuned our delivery process to ensure it is seamless. clients receive smooth and efficient service enabled by our excellent infrastructure such as a secure FTP Server, Mail Server, Web Server, dedicated high bandwidth and uninterrupted power supply. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed with designated business areas for different clients and dedicated Staff assigned to each Project.


3. 24-hour design turnaround capabilities

     We act as a backup engineering team for our clients, Designers who could be based anywhere in the world. Due to the time zone difference with India (ranging from 4 hours in Asia upto 12 hours in the USA), this can ensure reduction in design cycle times by up to 50%. We also have the ability to ramp up our staffing to cater for work overloads especially when clients are building towards a product release.


4. Cost effective and values driven approach

     We are well aware of the extremely competitive market environment in which our clients operate. Our services are therefore extremely cost effective.  We work on an annual pricing cycle that ensures cost effectiveness. Illustrating our 'customer-first' approach we offer 3-month pilots so clients can test our service quality and delivery. We strive for a win-win for all to be true partners for our clients while maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards. Our record of client retention, which includes an unbroken run of 15+ years for a leading manufacturer of semiconductor equipment in Japan stands testimony to the effectiveness of our approach.