We ensure our clients have a hassle-free experience. We work with values of trust and integrity.

Win-Win for all, maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards, following a true partnership approach, and going the extra mile…these are just some of the core values that drive our approach to business here at Pramura. It’s no surprise therefore that our two decades track record includes successful client engagements with a range of companies spanning the globe from Japan to Europe to Taiwan to the USA


Printed Circuit board(PCB) is designed on reliable tools by our design engineers to cater your needs ensuring high quality and standards


Pramura helps in developing your ideas into Electronic and Mechanical products that appeals to the commercial markets


Pramura help clients optimize the process of electronic product development. We design a variety of electronic circuits and products according to customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining the highest possible quality


Pramura handles Routing service with ease with in-house software designed specifically for Routing. Our engineers can deliver the design at a rapid pace and get your design delivered overnight


Our design engineers handle Mechanical Design services like 3D-Modelling, Drafting, Finite element analysis, Sheet metal design and Product Development ensuring high quality standards


SmartDesigner is a premium PCB design software developed by software development team. The software handles commercial 2D PCB designs with ease


Use the potential of your entire design and engineer teams to solve the most complex design challenges

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Why should you choose Pramura

We are here to help you with your engineering design needs and meet your goals on time

Hallmarks of Pramura

  • Capable of complex Engineering design
  • We sign NDA and keep your design confidential
  • Reduce your design time by more than 50%
  • Reduce your operational cost
  • Dedicated Japanese Language support team
Our achievements

Pramura keeps your design confidential. We stand by trust and integrity.

We value our customers. We have given a hassle-free experience for our clients by delivering their projects on time with quality. 

1600 +
Projects completed PER YEAR
95 %
Quality Rating
99.5 %
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