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Pramura’s Electronic Design Services help clients optimize the process of electronic design. We serve clients from different industry vertical and make a key contribution in helping them develop highly complex electronic products, improve their processes, reduce costs and accelerate the time-to-market for their products. We create designs for wafer level testing according to customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining the highest possible quality.



  • Requirements analysis
  • Customer interaction on insufficient requirements


Wafer level design at 2 levels

  • Front end engineering
  • Back end engineering

Quality check using check list and macros


  • Uploading completed files
  • Customer feedback


Due to the time zone difference between other countries and India, Pramura acts like a backup engineering team to the design team based in other countries.

  • Capable of Complex PCB Design
  • We sign NDA and keep your design confidential
  • Reduce your design time by more than 50%
  • Dedicated Japanese Language support team
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On-time Project Completion Rate
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How we work?

Fill up the contact-us form and you shall receive a call from the sales team

Requirement analysis

Pricing & contract agreement and sign NDA

Resource allocation and project meeting via WebEx

Project deliverable and feedback

PCB designing

Schematic capture and PCB layout for Analog, Digital and High frequency applications
Parts creation & placement
Plane segmentation
Fabrication Drawing Creation
DRC check & report generation
Library support services

  • Multi-layer boards with Blind/ Buried/ Micro via design
  • High speed interfaces (DDR Technologies, QDR-SRAM, PCIE, USB, ETHERNET)
  • High Density SMT Designs, Fine Pitch BGA, High pin count BGA
  • HDI Designs with micro vias and advanced materials- Via-in-PAD, Laser micro vias

Express Routing

At Express Routing:

As an Express routing customer you can experience:

  1. Faster placement of your order
  2. Quicker completion of your design — Place order by end of your day and get your project completed by next morning
  3. Design satisfaction through our working methodology and quality
  4. Flexible working to meet customer requirements
  5. Convenient payment methods through our online payment options
  6. Outsource us your routing needs and reduce your total design cost
  7. Why spend same cost for design and routing when Pramura offers routing services at a fraction of your design cost without compromising on quality

SmartDesignerPCB Tool

  1. A Professional PCB Design package for every Engineer
  2. Intuitive User Interface facilitates hassle-free designing
  3. Excellent Product support with very competitive pricing
  4. Helps you design for any commercial application
    which includes important features like Auto and Manual Routing, DRC and Gerber file output
  5. The Software specification caters the need to design most PCB’s

Export Formats

Manufacturing Output formats such as Gerber-RS274X and DXF along with Excellon 2 Drill data support.

Product Development

Pramura invests time in developing products. We constantly try to help people who want to innovate. 

Pramura has developed few products under the belt namely:

  1. MP3 player
  2. Infrared sensor based power saver
  3. Solar Roof
  4. Solar based Automated Gate
  5. EDA Tool

We invest time in research  and help companies to achieve their goals. Pramura looks for a long term partnership for a win-win situation for both the parties. 

Printed Circuit board Designing

Auto & manual Routing with any complexity
Equal line length within the specified length tolerance
Exact equal line length Routing
Differential pair / High speed signal / Shielding
DRC check & report generation
Signal Integrity for timing, reflections and crosstalk analysis and EMI/EMC simulation

Library creation with IPC standrds and conversion services

Reverse Engineering (Gerber to Design)

Design conversion