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Express routing offers cutting edge PCB routing services to global PCB design companies. We understand that routing is a time consuming process in a PCB design that’s why we assist companies to reduce the total design time and cost considerably by providing PCB routing services. We use high standard tools specially designed to route traces fast and accurate. With over 28 years of experience we guarantee our customers quality and on time delivery.

Express Routing offers world class manual routing services for any types of PCB’s. By using our routing services, you can accelerate the design process and complete the design in a much faster time (less than up to 50%)*. We provide you with a unique methodology where you can send us your design files which are required only for routing, thereby protecting your design and not worrying about IP (Intellectual property). Our unique over night service allows you to send a routing request by end of your work time and get back completed routing project by next day morning. This gives you a major advantage over your competitors. Our cost of service is economical, there by reducing your total design cost.

  • Capable of Complex PCB Design
  • Reduce your design time by more than 50%
  • Dedicated Japanese Language support team
  • Manual routing of PCB of any complexity
  • Equal line length routing with specified tolerance
  • Differential/High speed signal routing/Ground shielding Design rule check and report generation
  • Routing services on overnight basis
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Our Capabilities:

  1. Manual routing of PCB’s of any complexity
    Equal line length routing with specified tolerance
  2. Differential/High speed signal routing/Ground shielding
  3. Design rule check and report generation
  4. Routing services on overnight basis

Assurance to our Customer:

  1. Customers are not required to give us complete design files, thereby ensuring they maintain the confidentiality of the design
  2. Quality assured through quality standards and in-house quality tools-100% guarantee on quality or money back
  3. Route upto 1000 nets per day
  4. We can offer 24-hour design cycle based on the contract terms
  5. Good customer service and support
  6. Very attractive and flexible pricing

At Express Routing:

As an Express routing customer you can experience: 

  1. Faster placement of your order
  2. Quicker completion of your design — Place order by end of your day and get your project completed by next morning
  3. Design satisfaction through our working methodology and quality
  4. Flexible working to meet customer requirements
  5. Convenient payment methods through our online payment options
  6. Outsource us your routing needs and reduce your total design cost
  7. Why spend same cost for design and routing when Pramura offers routing services at a fraction of your design cost without compromising on quality

How we work?

Fill up the contact-us form and you shall receive a call from the sales team

Requirement analysis

Pricing & contract agreement and sign NDA

Resource allocation and project meeting via WebEx

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