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Case Study 1: MP3 player
Case Study 2: Infrared sensor based power saver

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Pramura’s Electronic Design Services help clients optimize the process of electronic product development. We serve clients from different industry vertical and make a key contribution in helping them develop highly complex electronic products, improve their processes, reduce costs and accelerate the time-to-market for their products. We design a variety of electronic circuits and products according to customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Over the past Two decades we have delivered more than 2500 PCB designs, including hardware and software device solutions across industries.

Pramura provides design services for a wide range of board types. Our experience encompasses various PCB CAD systems, including all major tools.

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Case Study 1: MP3 Player

Block Diagram
  • Ideation:

–Corporate companies faces the problem of using smart phones by the employees for hearing songs which affects production.

–Most of the corporate companies does not allow the smart phone inside the company for security reasons

–MP3 player was developed to allow the corporate employees listen to the song from the archive. Playing time slot can also be set based on the company policy.

Product Prototype
  • Research:

–Research on the technology, methods, cost and vendors involved in developing the product were carried out.

–It was proposed to create a MP3 player where the centralized server stores the multiple songs which can be downloaded and played upon selection. HEADSET can be attached to the product.

–Based on the study, we looked at various micro controller, other components such as displays, memory, etc.

PCB board


Block diagram
  • Ideation:

–Pramura faces the problem of increase in power consumption.

–Employees most of the time fails to switch off the power source when not in use after given repeated instruction.

–In order to overcome this issue, an idea was proposed to implement a system which automatically on and off of the power sources.

  • When the person is not there, the product will automatically switch off the circuit, hence the power will cut off.


  • Research:

–Research on the technology, methods, cost and vendors involved in developing the product were carried out.

–Based on the study, a simple power saver kit which can be integrated to the existing power line with the help of sensor was proposed.

–Study was carried out on sensor and connection given in the EB line.

–Passive infrared motion sensor was selected for sensing human motion.

–Based on the study, it was decided to create a circuit for power consumption.

Product Prototype

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