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Pramura’s Electronic Design Services help clients optimize the process of electronic product development. We serve clients from different industry vertical and make a key contribution in helping them develop highly complex electronic products, improve their processes, reduce costs and accelerate the time-to-market for their products. We design a variety of electronic circuits and products according to customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Over the past Two decades we have delivered more than 2500 PCB designs, including hardware and software device solutions across industries.

Pramura provides design services for a wide range of board types. Our experience encompasses various PCB CAD systems, including all major tools.

  • Capable of Complex PCB Design
  • We sign NDA and keep your design confidential
  • Reduce your design time by more than 50%
  • Dedicated Japanese Language support team
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SI Analysis and Validation Flow

Technology Validation

  • Characterization
  • Evaluation
  • Selection and System Architecture

Pre-Layout SI analysis

  • Board Stack-up
  • Trace Geometry
  • Via Geometry
  • Layout Constraints
  • Material Selection

Post-Layout SI analysis

  • S-Parameter Extraction
  • Timing analysis using IBIS/IBIS-AMI Models
  • DC& AC Analysis of Power planes

SI Validation

  • S-Parameter Measurement
  • Signal quality validation against the timing and electrical requirement
  • Ability to build custom fixtures and adaptors 

PCB Simulation – Signal and Power Integrity


• Define Layout Specification & Verification
• Schematic & Topology Optimization
• Stack-Up & Material Selection
• Floor Planning


  • Schematic & Initial pcb layout
  • Netlist  – Critical Net details
  • Operating Frequency
  • Component Details
  • Electrical Models


  • Defined Specification
  • Stack Up Details
  • Electrical Constraints rule
  • Simulation reports with Wave forms
  • Layout Specification


• Reflection and Ringing Analysis
• Crosstalk Analysis – NEXT, FEXT
• Impedance Matching
• IR-Drop Analysis
• Timing Analysis

  • Return Loss and Insertion Loss Analysis
  • Eye Diagram Analysis


Final PCB Layout


  • Termination Techniques
  • Timing Analysis Data & Report
  • Simulation Reports With wave forms
  • EMI Simulation Report
  • Voltage and Current Details

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