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Get the most affordable PCB Design software for your profession

  1. A Professional PCB Design package for every Engineer
  2. Intuitive User Interface facilitates hassle-free designing
  3. Excellent Product support with very competitive pricing
  4. Helps you design for any commercial application
    which includes important features like Auto and Manual Routing, DRC and Gerber file output
  5. The Software specification caters the need to design most PCB’s
  • Capable of Complex PCB Design
  • Excellent Routing capability
  • Reduce your design time by more than 50%
  • Cost effective and customizable
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Excellent Routing Capability
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Excellent Routing Capability
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Ease of Use

Schematic Capture:

  1. Multiple Schematic Sheets makes design process easy and organized.

Schematic Capture:

  1. Schematic Symbols are used to represent different Electronic Components that can be created in the library.
  2. Schematics can be created with Salient Features such as Place parts, text, shape, wire, bus and Add Attributes on parts.
  3. Create your Own Library for each design or use our Extensive Library.
  4. Browser Pane always displays an image of the currently selected entity, allowing easy identification and selection of the current symbols.

Schematic Capture:

  1. Electrical Rule Check is an important Feature that checks for Electrical errors in the circuit and shows Report to ensure Error-free designs.
  2. Export Schematics in Netlist format to SmartDesignerPCB Layout Editor.

Component Creation and Library Management

Wizard based Component Creation for different types of Packages.

Library Management ensures reuse of Components once it is created and stored.

Component placement

  1. Place Components manually in desired areas just a click away through Insert button.
  2. Placed Components can be Redefined, Replaced, Rotated and also Moved to different location.


  1. Effective Net Planning tool helps to identify and filter Nets based on Angle and Length.
  2. Interactive Net based Manual Routing. Wiring is a breeze in SmartDesignerPCB.
  3. Through, Blind and Buried via support.

Plane Creation

Improved Polygon functions for creating, clipping, merging and optimizing Planes of more complex designs.

Design Check

  1. Powerful Net Verification tool helps in identifying inaccuracies and violations related to Nets and Traces.
    Accurate Design Rule
  2. Check(DRC) feature checks for Spacing Constraints among Traces and Pads.

Post Processing Features

  1. Post processing functionality such as Fillet, Chamfer, TearDrop, Cut Silk and Panelization etc.
  2. Create Fab Layer and Bill of Materials(BOM) in a Format required.

Export Formats

Manufacturing Output formats such as Gerber-RS274X and DXF along with Excellon 2 Drill data support.

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