Why PCB Design Course?

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the building blocks of the majority of modern electronic devices. The PCB market is forecasted to reach around USD 72 Billion$ by 2026. The PCBs are installed in most electronic devices ranging from computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, medical devices, industrial and high-tech products. Without the knowledge of PCB Designing, it’s impossible to understand the way it works. 

This course will help you to enhance your skills in PCB design on how to design and go about Component assembly, Layout design, and build your career in PCB designing thereby contributing to the Electronic Industry of India. 

PCB Design Course details

How you are benefitted?

Why study at Pramura:

  • Pramura has been one of the pioneers in PCB designing in Coimbatore for the past three decades.
  • They have been part of the Electronic Industries serving clients across the USA, Japan, France, and Taiwan since 1994.
  • They employ Industrial experts who have a deep understanding of the Electronic sector. They are aware of current trends in the industry.
  • Pramura provides project-based training starting from a schematic to a final product providing hands-on training for students and job-seekers.
  • Pramura is a great place to understand the PCB Design fundamentals and provides the necessary facilities for the students to equip themselves in the competitive environment


  • Course Completion Certification
  • Get trained by Industrial experts
  • Complete knowledge on the PCB design concepts which will give you a competitive edge over your fellow graduates when applying for a job
  • Students will comprehend the complete step-by-step process that goes into PCB design.
  • Students will learn about different PCB types and designs, Schematic design, component layout, placement methods, and Routing Techniques. They will also learn about Designing circuits and engineering documentation.
  • At the final stage, you will be able to create a complete Electronic product (Advanced PCB Design course)
  • You will be awarded with the course completion certificate. Companies that hire you will not have to undergo a lengthy training program as you have already been taught about the PCB design concepts and intensive hands-on training on designing a complete Electronic Product from scratch.

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