1. Automatic Gate

Solar automatic gate is a remote operated automatic gate mechanism for use in houses, factories and other establishments. It is a self sustained electronic operated system which is solar powered. The solar power unit module ensures that it is operational 24hrs/day and not prone to any electrical problems. The RF remote controller which can be used to open and close the gate is operational from any vehicle and effective up to low meters. An electro-magnetic optional lock ensures that locking mechanism is completed after closure of the gate. The drive module ensures smooth opening and closing with a sensing mechanism to start and stop it. The technology is fully developed indigenously

by pramura design technology and works for any size of gate and any type such as swing / slide gate and can be fitted to any existing gate.


  • Solar powered, remote controlled automatic gate.
  • Power backup to ensure 24hrs operability.
  • Automatic sensing mechanisms to sense start and stop points.
  • Remote operational up to 10Meters.
  • Works for swing / slide gate and can be fitted to existing gate.
  • Minimal maintenance needed.
  • Service support available locally.
  • Electro-magnetic optional lock to ensure automated security.
  • System is reliable and eco-friendly.
  • Easy installation by one trained service personnel.

Main Components (Basic Product):

  •  1x Solar Panel.
  •  1x Battery.
  •  1 or 2 x Dc motor.
  •  2 x Remote Control.
  •  1x Box for electronic kit.
  •   Installation requisites such as nuts, bolts and screws.

Optional Parts:

  • Electro-Magnetic lock.
  • Additional Dc Motor(Note: Motor capacity(Hp) depends on weight of the gate)


  • Can be fitted to any existing or new gate( Swing / Slide)
  • Can be used in homes, Factories and other establishment.


  1. Need not have a separate remote to operate the gates.
  2. Since these gates are operated using ARM, no problems will occur to gates in any weather conditions.
  3. Power failure problems will not occur.
  4. Gates will be safe since electro-magnetic lock is used to lock the gates.
  5. System is reliable and eco-friendly.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solar panel                             80 watts                            
  • Battery                                    12v / 60ah.
  • Torque                                    36kg/cm.
  • Operating time                        8sec/90° Maximum opening 135°.
  • Open / close control                RF only.
  • Operating Temperature          -20°c / +55°c.
  • Remote control                        Available       
  • Emergency stop provision     Available     
  • Limit switch provision            Available      
  • Manual unlock provision       Available      
  • Dc Motor                                12vdc 0.25Hp                                                       
  • Electro-Magnetic lock 12vdc/500ma(optional)

2. Solar power backup system

Pramura Home Energy is the product that replaces roof with solar panels leading to a shed (roof) which generates electric power. The mechanical setup involves setting up of roof structure, which is capable of holding the solar panels mounting unit, and any roofing sheets like asbestos cement sheets, aluminum sheets, polycarbonate sheets and GI sheets etc. The electrical setup involves setting the solar panels based on the requirement of power. This project mainly deals with building integrated photovoltaic roofing system.


  1. Solar Panel (UPV) One Module of 80W (U5-080 – 80Wp / 12V)
  2. Charge Controller Unit (UPV) PL40 12V/40A with Digital display
  3. Inverter – Numeric – 500 VA
  4. Battery – Exide Power Safe-  FE00-EP 120 AH- 12V

Solar Panel UPV One module of 80W Features

  • Each solar cell in a module is selected for optimum performance in low intensity
  • Solar cell used in the module is selected for maximum energy delivery
  • The cells are encapsulated with EVA and PVF back sheet sourced from European manufacturers 
  • Specially designed aluminum profile is adopted for the frame
  • Appropriate mounting and drain holes on the frame ensure stability during the panels life time in most climate regions
  • Bypass diodes minimize power drop during partial shading

Charger controller Unit UPV PL40 12V/40A Features

  • 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V and 48V in one controller
  • Built-in 30 days data logger
  • Multifunctional LCD Display
  • Hybrid system control
  • Widely programmable
  • Built-in programmable logic

Battery Exide power safe FE00-EP 120AH-12V Features: 

  • New improved sealed maintenance free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy handling and no installation constraints
  • Low self discharge
  • Excellent charge retention and recovering ability
  • Superior high rate discharge
  • High reliability
  • Maximum battery efficiency is 90%

Inverter Numeric 500 VA Features: 

  1. Microprocessor based design 
  2. Automatic line-to-battery switchover
  3. Intelligent 2-stage charger  
  4. High efficiency DC to AC conversion 
  5. Over load protection
  6. Compact rack tower design
  7. Short circuit protection