Vision, Mission and Values


Pramura strives towards being a world leader in providing Design Services, IT Services and Technology based product development. In all our products and services, we aim to deliver perfect quality, excellent customer service and focus on shrinking turnaround time significantly. We constantly try to raise the standard of quality and productivity, thereby ensuring that our customers get excellent value for their money. Our growth will be driven through long-term partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers based on strong values of integrity and trust.


  1. To provide excellent engineering design solutions with skilled people and Technology at cost effective prices in an effective manner that achieves good customer satisfaction.
  2. To achieve growth in a defined manner without compromising our values.
  3. To research, develop, sell successful technical products which are innovative and useful.
  4. To set up a dedicated design center for overseas customers as per their requirements and to their satisfaction.


  1. Performance in quality and productivity.
  2. Run ourselves and our business with integrity, lawfully, ethically, and morally.
    Aim to be the best, the benchmark of our industry.
  3. Maintain excellent rapport with our customers by treating them as our most important resources.
  4. Uphold public and community activities; be a committed citizen.
  5. Rate & review ourselves against the highest quality standards.
  6. Achieve growth and expansion.