Why Industrial training and workshops are essential and mandatory for College students?

Companies are increasingly turning down job applicants who don’t have any practical experience in today’s dynamic and competitive world. Companies and industries prefer people who are somewhat familiar with the job, and don’t have to spend too much time on training them. Internships in college give new graduates an advantage over the others.

Industrial training:

Industrial training refers to wherein a student applies theoretical knowledge to practice skills on real time projects. Training lasts approximately 4 weeks, with a maximum of 6 months. These trainings are essential for students who want to pursue a career in engineering. This gives students real-time work experience while still in college.

Advantages of getting trained by Electronic Industry experts:

Practical skills and knowledge:

When a student is working in an Electronic industry, they will work on projects in real-time. They will understand how to design an Electronic product from scratch.

Skill enhancement:

Soft skills and hard skills can be used to help you build your overall personality. While hard skills include both practical and theoretical knowledge, our personalities will determine how soft skills work. When you work with others, your hard skills are polished. You start to develop soft skills like problem-solving abilities, communication skills, adaptability, and creativity.

Overall Personality development:

When you enter the workforce, your daily interactions with colleagues, supervisors and team members will assist in developing your personality for this dynamic and competitive era.


Many college students have difficulty choosing the right career path. Sometimes, they end up in a job that is not suitable for them. An ECE student may have many career options, but isn’t certain which one suits them the best. During college, the student can engage in industrial training to gain a better understanding of the professional likes/dislikes.

Better Resume:

Bright resumes are a must-have for any industry or company. An experienced candidate can be hired even for entry-level positions. A well-trained candidate won’t need to learn basic tutoring and will help the company save its most valuable asset, time.


It is now more apparent how important Electronic Industrial training is for college students benefitting ECE, EEE, EIE, Mechatronics and ICE students in particular. These skills are not the only benefits. Training will also teach students how to manage their time and build interpersonal relationships. Training or internships are a great way to get to know the Electronic Industry.

No matter what educational background, work culture is important. If you’re a college student in any technical or non-technical field you should start looking for internships, workshops, and industrial training to maximize your time and energy to be job-ready.