• December 14, 2021
  • JD Vincent
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The engineering design industry is under increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses, expand its business, and increase revenue.

Why outsource?

  1. Operations cost Reduction

According to market research, outsourcing engineering services allows companies to lower labour costs by 20% to 30% and reduce the revenue they spend on engineering-related services. You can use the money saved to fund new business development, marketing initiatives, and other essential expenses.

2. Focus on significant areas for growth:

One of the main reasons to outsource is to focus on other essential tasks. Company executives can use this time to focus on quality improvement, product development and growth.

3. Projects can be delivered well ahead of time:

Outsourced engineers can efficiently move projects from inception to completion. Major clients place significant deadline pressure on them, which means they spend considerable time perfecting their processes to meet client requirements.

4. Get the support of highly skilled and experienced designers:

Customers are increasingly requesting more complicated engineering services, which are sometimes beyond the capabilities of some companies with limited engineering design resources.

 Outsourcing providers are often laser-focused on their industry, investing in new technology that is not feasible for ordinary businesses to purchase. The outsourcing provider has a large talent pool of highly-skilled professionals that can be hired full-time by companies on a contractual basis.

5. Get the support of an offshore design partner 24/7:

Many outsourcing engineering companies offer ongoing support for clients, including after-hours assistance. It is precious for clients who work in different time zones and have questions or concerns that they need to address at other times of the day.

6. Cost reduction in office spaces and equipment:

Outsourcing engineering services have the advantage of reducing the space you may need for carrying out other activities. Companies can save a minimum of 500 square feet on their office space by outsourcing the work of 10-12 design engineers. They can also save on the cost of equipment’s, i.e., computers, licensed software, furniture, rent, maintenance cost and electricity. You can save a total cost of 2000$ -2500$ per resource per year. 

7. Companies can cut down on employee cost & software license costs and use services only when it is necessary:

 Engineering services are in high demand. A company can be challenged by fluctuations in demand for services, mainly if it is small. While engineering staff receive full-time wages even during high demand, bottlenecks may occur when there is a lot of order. This problem can be solved by outsourcing. A company pays only for the services rendered.

How to satisfy clients?

Clients expect high-quality results and quick turnaround times. Firms are hesitant to trust a vendor with their most critical projects because they fear that the service provider might be less invested in delivering the design with quality.

You can satisfy these requirements by outsourcing your engineering design services. You will have a happier customer who is more likely than ever to ask for your services again. To maintain high customer satisfaction with outsourcing, choose an experienced, trustworthy, well-focused and reliable design service provider.

 To conclude, Trust is the foundation of our business. We earn it by consistently producing high-quality work across the USA, Japan, France and Taiwan since 1994.

Pramura is one of the most trusted offshore partners for your engineering design. We have established ourselves as a leader in the engineering industry through our proven commitment to exceeding our clients’ needs for quality and fast turnaround time. With over three decades of experience, we have the expertise required to manage your most complex projects successfully.

We look forward to handling all of your engineering design service needs.